Honeymoon or Family Trip?

This is something we’ve been contemplating over the last couple of days… Though we desperately want this to be partly our honeymoon, the reality is, we likely won’t have anyone to watch our 3 year old son – Or compared to the stress of trying to make arrangements, it’d be easier to just take him.

Every couple deserves a honeymoon, or even just a weekend trip together, especially when they have children. (And even more so when said children share your bed with you). But not everyone close to us would agree with that, and think it is frivolous to want quality time together.

On the other hand, a trip to England is something we’ve been wanting to share with him. Though he likely won’t remember it, he’d at least be able to say ‘Yes I’ve been to England’. And we’d like to think that he would enjoy the event.

What scares us though, is his behavior. He’s been acting out so much lately, especially when we take him out to public places. Doesn’t listen to us at all, and never wants to hold our hands when walking along busy roads – He’s almost gotten hit by cars twice now while in Toronto. So it makes my anxiety boil over when thinking about how he may act, not only in a whole different Country, but also on the dreadfully long plane ride – Something I have never even been on myself, and am terribly afraid of (I’ll likely need to be drugged).

And then there’s the next big issue… The extra cost. It’s already going to take a miracle for us to afford the trip. Adding a child unfortunately isn’t free.




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