What Happens If We Don’t Raise Enough?

The question hasn’t been asked, but we know it will be, as it has been on our minds as well.

If we end up not raising enough money in time, we know we won’t get our deposit back, which is fine. For the money we raised, we’ll put that towards a trip to England regardless. Though it might not happen in November for the 50th Anniversary, or for a vow renewal, we will use it one way or another for a trip to England.

Before this event came up, our plans have always been to travel to England (mainly Luton), in 2015 as a family with James (and any other possible children we may have by then). We figured, that would give us enough time to save up, to afford the trip. But even despite this event, we still intend on traveling over for a much longer stay than we could possibly do right now.

When we heard about the wedding event, we inquired more as a lark, never thinking we would stand a chance at actually being chosen as 1 of the 50 couples. Knowing that we had a chance, we jumped at it, because this is a once in a lifetime event.. Who wouldn’t?

But the reality is still there. We aren’t a couple of much means. It’s all we can do to get by day by day. Which is why we’re taking the route of fundraising to help us make this happen. But if however, we don’t reach the necessary funds in time.. Then we will simply carrying on with our plans for a 2015 trip, and use the money raised towards that. And who knows, maybe we’ll renew our vows in Luton instead. I’m sure my Great Grandparents would have loved that.

– Amanda


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