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Amanda Lee Baker

Amanda is currently 27 years old, and a full-time Mum to their son James, and cats Misato, Rory & Oswin.

She was born in Ottawa, ON, on January 15th 1986, and was raised in Carleton Place, ON. (She’s actually the 9th generation of her Grandmother’s family to live in CP).

Pre-pregnancy, Amanda was the assistant manager of the Carleton Place EB Games (Her gamer-chick life quickly diminished during that time; Talk about taking your work home with you!). She’s an avid researcher in Royal British history, Astronomy, and in her own family genealogy. She’s a self-proclaimed ‘armature photographer’, having a deep passion for the art since the age of 2. She’s also a veteran conventioneer, traveling to many Comic Con, Sci-fi & Anime conventions around Ontario; Something she now brings Brandon & James along to.

She likes animals, horror movies, comics, Doctor Who, Star Trek, ancient history & war documentaries… NEEEERRRRD!

Though she never completed high school, her learning never ceased. She taught herself how to build websites & read code, while studying Royal British history, ancient history & astronomy. She hopes to one day earn her GED & possibly attend college; For what yet, she hasn’t decided. Possibly Photography, History, or heck Nursing! She also dreams of one day visiting her Great-Grandparent’s (Martin) hometown; Luton, England, where she has connected with many relatives still living there.

In 2009 Amanda lost two of the most important men in her life; Her Grandfather Brian Martin, and her cat Rusty. Throughout those difficult losses, Brandon was there to love & support her, just as he continues to today.

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Brandon Lloyd Armstrong

Brandon is currently 28 years old, working as a full-time Pepsi merchandiser in Ottawa (Fancy stocking job. Sadly no, he doesn’t get free Pepsi or swag. And no, Coke & Pepsi guys don’t really fight when they see each other).

He was born in Ottawa, ON, on October 6th 1984, with his twin brother Adam (Gumby) Armstrong, and grew up in Carleton Place, ON.

After graduating high school, he worked at Steve’s Independent Grocer until he left for a 9-month government program known as ‘Katimavik’ in 2006.

He travelled to Burnaby, BC., Alliston, ON. and swung around to St-Jean-sur-Richeilu, QC for 3 months a piece until he finally came back home to get his life on his merry way, once completing the program.

He worked in a rock quarry weighing trucks, while trying to join the ranks of the RCMP, only to be denied because of his colour blindness. He built roof trusses for a summer, then worked his way up to management in Walmart in less than 2 years. Then evenutally made his way to Pepsi.

He enjoys video games, Role playing games with his friends, sci-fi shows, Doctor Who & Star Trek. He enjoys history & fantasy books but they have to have a good story.

He works hard and is always trying to do whats best for his family whether it be at home or at work.

There have been twists and turns, happy days & let downs. But all roads lead to Rome. And though it wasn’t built in a day, their love, like Rome, will last for centuries & will go down as the greatest years of their lives.

How we met

Brandon & Amanda met October 6th 2005 while working at Steve’s Independent Grocer in Carleton Place. He came through her cash on his birthday at the end of his shift, buying a case of Dr. Pepper for himself, and Pepsi for his twin brother Adam, as ‘birthday gifts’. They didn’t start ‘seeing’each other until September 2008, and officially started dating Christmas Day 2008.

Their family ties run much deeper however. Brandon’s great uncle Keith MacIntosh worked for Amanda’s great grandfather when he was a teenager. He & Amanda’s grandmother were very close, and she thought of him as a brother. He & his wife later lived in the back half of Amanda’s grandparent’s house. Growing up, She always thought of him as another grandfather. Brandon sadly, never knew Keith. Other members of Keith’s family (such as parents, brothers & sisters, including Brandon’s grandmother) were friends with both Amanda’s grandparents & great grandparents as well.
Their mothers grew up together, attending the same schools, and share many friends.
Brandon & Amanda also share many of the same friends, many of which they knew long before they ever met. They had plenty of chances to meet prior to work, but never did. They even lived on the same street, only a few houses apart from each other for over 7 years before meeting. Everyday either he or Adam would wave at her when they drove past as she walked down the street. She never knew who they were, let alone that there were two of them!

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Our Pride

August 18th 2010, Amanda & Brandon welcomed their son James Armstrong into the world.

With perfect blonde hair, and blue eyes, he’s already a heart breaker at 3 years old. He’s got a huge personality, along with attitude to match. He’s a perfect mix of both Amanda & Brandon, and pretty damn awesome too!

They’re very lucky parents to have him, and very thankful too.

Our Angel

On February 13th 2012, Amanda & Brandon delivered their beautiful daughter Lilly Valentine Armstrong. Lilly had only been at 5 months gestation when she was born, and suffered from a birth defect known as CCAM. Ultimately Lilly couldn’t survive, and passed shortly thereafter.

Loosing their daughter has been the most difficult experience. But together they are moving forward, while keeping her close to their hearts.

To pay tribute to their daughter, Lilies were present at the wedding.

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 Our Wedding

On July 20th 2013 Amanda & Brandon finally said ‘I Do’ & committed themselves to each other in front of their friends & family, in a beautiful rustic setting at Saunders Farm in Munster, ON. They couldn’t have asked for a more perfect wedding. Even with the slight ‘bumps’ of forgetting both rings & all the corsages back at the hotel (Which only made Amanda burst into laughter over), and a little rain during the family photos – Which Amanda believes was her Grandfather’s way of giving them luck, it was PERFECT.


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