Its time for our regeneration!

We are getting married! Again! We are renewing our vows in a big way.

November 23, 2013 is the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, the worlds longest running science-fiction television show. To celebrate this iconic milestone 50 lucky couples are getting married/vows renewed in London, England. Amanda (my beautiful bride) and I are one of the few lucky couples to get accepted to this once in a life time opportunity.

Amanda and I have been fans of Doctor Who for years, even going as far to help found the “Doctor Who Society of Canada” which is an ever growing non-profit fan group that has booths at major comic and sci-fi conventions across Ontario, Montreal, and Halifax and with members spanning across the country. She and I also have a long standing love with England and the U.K. with our ancestors coming from England, Scotland, and Ireland as recently as 3 generations ago. We have always wanted to travel there and with this chance we can do that while doing something spectacular, and finally having a honeymoon on top of it all.

However things are not exactly covered in gold in our lives, and as such the cost for such an event is somewhat daunting, so we are reaching out to the community of the world and to those who love to see people have their dreams come true, to help us reach our goal. We need to raise 3000 pounds (U.K) for the cost of the event, this does not include however the cost of travel, lodging, and food.

This blog will help us show how we are working towards our dream goal and will help us thank those who help us make it all possible.

-Through time and space we go together
Brandon and Amanda