CTV Ottawa Morning Live

Brandon & I have had the incredible fortune of being asked to appear on CTV Ottawa Morning Live!! We’re so excited & still in a bit of shock! We’ll be appearing tomorrow morning – Thursday, September 26th at 8:15am, to discuss Doctor Who, and being chosen to take part in the 50th Anniversary wedding event in London, England. Be sure to tune in or set your DVR!

– Amanda


Lets Dance!

Animation dancer Mechanikool from “Got to Dance” has joined the event as well, and it’s said that he is creating a very special dance for every couple to take part in!

Yikes Haha here’s hoping I don’t cave in on myself from anxiety, it was all I could do to break out of my shell to dance even a tiny bit at our wedding! lol.


– Amanda


Dalek Ace has been announced as a special guest at the event! Like the Daleks in DWSC, Ace is fully motorized, with a voice changer. He can also rotate his head a full 360, and his telescopic plunger arm bends so he can carry bowls/trays. So cool!


– Amanda



8 Days Left..

We’re 8 days away now from the first half of the payment deadline, and my anxiety & stress is through the roof. So far we’ve raised $205CAD, which we’re so ever grateful to our donators for!! Sadly though, we still need to raise  $1495 by October 1st. I’m trying my best to stay positive & hopeful. But unless a miracle happens… It’s looking pretty doubtful for us after all.

For those who are reading this, please help us by spreading the word as much as you can about us & our page, in hopes to raise enough money in time & make this come true for us ❤


Thank you
– Amanda

Selena’s Radio Interview

On Friday Selena Price of Special Events Group did an on air interview with DJ Nick Digilo on Chicago’s WGN Radio 720 about the event. You can listen to it here! http://wgnradio.com/2013/09/20/the-dr-who-mass-wedding-event/

– Amanda


Special Events Group has thrown in 2 nights accommodation with Travelodge for each couple! Now if only we could get them to throw in flights for us out of Country folk 😉

With Brandon & I planning to stay for a week, even two nights free is great! Though something we have to consider is whether or not it’ll be easier for us in the long run to book our flights & hotel through sites like Expedia.ca or Travelocity.ca. And whether or not it’ll actually work out cheaper, than booking each separately.

– Amanda


Special Events Group has gotten not 1 but 2 great UK photographers for the event! Simon Park Photography & Lord Park Photography.

Simon Peter Lindsay is originally from Ireland, and is a HUGE Doctor Who fan. His work is very cool, can’t wait to meet him! You can check out his website http://www.simonpeter-photography.co.uk/ As well as find him on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/simonpeterphotography.uk

Lord Parker has more than 20 years experience in photography, and specializes in  photo journalism. His work is very beautiful! You can check him out at his website http://lord-parker.co.uk/ As well as Facebook https://www.facebook.com/LordParkerPhotography

– Amanda

Timey Wimey Tattoos?

In addition to the package, Special Events Group has arranged for 2-3 tattoo artists to provide a small, commemorative tattoo for those who wish to get one.

I must admit, that is a very clever, and unique thing to offer! Though I don’t know if it’s something I’ll take part in. It is quite tempting. Brandon however for sure won’t haha

– Amanda

Cake Design

In a recent update on the Special Events Group website, Dinkydoodle Designs Cakes has recently released the design idea for 1 of the cakes for the Wedding event..

“Dinkydoodle Design Cakes have released the design for 1 of its cakes at the Mass Doctor Who Wedding/Renewal of Vows/Civil Partnership.
One of the cakes that is being made at the event by Dawn of Dinkydoodle Design will be a unique Doctor Who themed wedding cake, with 5 tiers (one for each decade!) The edible top tier will be a carved Tardis novelty cake, and then the remainder tiers will be handpiped with all 50 bride and groom names. This will be cut at the reception and the couple will go home with their slice of cake!.

Also just to ensure that everyone else at the party will get a slice, there will also be a very special themed cake for all to share!! This design will be revealed at the event which will take place on November 24th 2013 at the Bloomsbury Ballroom, London.

Dawn Butler, is the director and founder of Dinkydoodle Designs and is a world leading expert in novelty cakes and airbrushing techniques. In such a short space of time Dawn has gained recognition for her ability to produce stunning and lifelike novelty cakes. Her unique creations has already been requested for and admired by those in celebrity circles.”

Super exciting! Can’t wait to see the design in person!


– Amanda

Limo – Bigger on the inside?

The newest update, London Limo Hire will be providing Limos for all of us couples to the Bloomsbury Ballroom & back to the hotel after the event. We won’t each be getting one, but it’s still really awesome. Hopefully they’re bigger on the inside!



– Amanda