Kim’s Crocheted Creations

Kim Webster, of KsCrochetedCreations has been crocheting for over 20 years. She is graciously donating her time & work of a replica crocheted version of Tom Baker’s 12ft scarf to be donated for an auction at the event.


Kim is very talented at what she does. And can even simply look at a photo of something, and crochet it exactly! To check out her work, head on over to her Facebook Page – Kim’s Crocheted Creations

– Amanda



Its an Ashton

Richard Ashton is the latest to join the team for the event. Richard was cast as David Tennant’s body double for the new Virgin Media Adverts. He’s also a producer of high quality props for the industry as well as personal collection. For the event, Richard will be making the head piece of the Prydonian Minister who was played by Tom Baker in the Deadly Assasin. This head piece will be worn by the Minister preforming the ceremony.


– Amanda

Payments; We’re Officially IN!

As you know, October 1st was our deadline for the first half of the payment, and if you’ve been watching our donation page, you’d see that we were no where near close enough to being able to make the payment.

My Mom, being as incredible as she is though, lent us the money we needed to pay the first half! So we are indeed definitely going! We still have a tremendously long way to go though…

I’ve decided not to update the raised money to show we made the first payment, because we need to pay back what my Mom lent us. So once we raise that amount, we will be paying her back. We still need to raise the amount for the second payment, which will be £950, and we’ve been told we can now pay that by November 23rd. On top of that, we also need to raise enough to help us pay for the flights & accommodations.

On our page, I’ve added a ‘wish list’ to help show the costs we still need to raise in other areas, aside from the fee itself.

– Amanda

Our Story in Print

On Thursday the story Kelly Kent wrote about us for the Canadian Gazette came out! It is so wonderfully written, and absolutely perfect! We’re so thankful to Kelly for writing it!

2013-10-03 19.40.02 2013-10-03 19.40.45

If you don’t get the Canadian Gazette, don’t worry! You can read it here online!

– Amanda

Cake Design

In a recent update on the Special Events Group website, Dinkydoodle Designs Cakes has recently released the design idea for 1 of the cakes for the Wedding event..

“Dinkydoodle Design Cakes have released the design for 1 of its cakes at the Mass Doctor Who Wedding/Renewal of Vows/Civil Partnership.
One of the cakes that is being made at the event by Dawn of Dinkydoodle Design will be a unique Doctor Who themed wedding cake, with 5 tiers (one for each decade!) The edible top tier will be a carved Tardis novelty cake, and then the remainder tiers will be handpiped with all 50 bride and groom names. This will be cut at the reception and the couple will go home with their slice of cake!.

Also just to ensure that everyone else at the party will get a slice, there will also be a very special themed cake for all to share!! This design will be revealed at the event which will take place on November 24th 2013 at the Bloomsbury Ballroom, London.

Dawn Butler, is the director and founder of Dinkydoodle Designs and is a world leading expert in novelty cakes and airbrushing techniques. In such a short space of time Dawn has gained recognition for her ability to produce stunning and lifelike novelty cakes. Her unique creations has already been requested for and admired by those in celebrity circles.”

Super exciting! Can’t wait to see the design in person!


– Amanda

Limo – Bigger on the inside?

The newest update, London Limo Hire will be providing Limos for all of us couples to the Bloomsbury Ballroom & back to the hotel after the event. We won’t each be getting one, but it’s still really awesome. Hopefully they’re bigger on the inside!


– Amanda