Win a TARDIS from BitsWithByte

The incredible Octavia from BitsWithByte, who made our custom TARDIS center pieces for our wedding, is generously hosting a draw for those who donate to our page!


To enter is simple! Head on over to our donation page at –


Donate $35 and be entered in a draw to win a custom made TARDIS ring box
Donate $55 and be entered in a draw to win a custom made TARDIS ring box with pulsing LED lights
Donate $65 and be entered in a draw to win your choice of a custom made TARDIS ring box with pulsing LED lights OR a TARDIS cake topper with pulsing LED lights
biggerringbox caketopper
Last day to donate to have a chance to win a TARDIS from Octavia will be November 29th 2013. Winners will be announced on December 2nd 2013 on the BitsWithByte facebook page!

Don’t miss this chance to own one of Octavia’s amazing handmade  TARDIS!
Good luck!!

– Amanda


Kim’s Crocheted Creations

Kim Webster, of KsCrochetedCreations has been crocheting for over 20 years. She is graciously donating her time & work of a replica crocheted version of Tom Baker’s 12ft scarf to be donated for an auction at the event.


Kim is very talented at what she does. And can even simply look at a photo of something, and crochet it exactly! To check out her work, head on over to her Facebook Page – Kim’s Crocheted Creations

– Amanda



If 1500, kind & generous people donated only $5 (£3), we would not only raise enough for the fee & to pay back my Mom, but for our flights & hotel as well. Or even 144 people donating $50 (£30).

We’re not the kind of people who like to ask for things. And we’d much rather give than to receive. So asking for you all to donate isn’t the easiest thing for us to do. But we’re asking, please, we would truly appreciate any help, big or small. Help us make this dream come true.

– Amanda

Payments; We’re Officially IN!

As you know, October 1st was our deadline for the first half of the payment, and if you’ve been watching our donation page, you’d see that we were no where near close enough to being able to make the payment.

My Mom, being as incredible as she is though, lent us the money we needed to pay the first half! So we are indeed definitely going! We still have a tremendously long way to go though…

I’ve decided not to update the raised money to show we made the first payment, because we need to pay back what my Mom lent us. So once we raise that amount, we will be paying her back. We still need to raise the amount for the second payment, which will be £950, and we’ve been told we can now pay that by November 23rd. On top of that, we also need to raise enough to help us pay for the flights & accommodations.

On our page, I’ve added a ‘wish list’ to help show the costs we still need to raise in other areas, aside from the fee itself.

– Amanda

Interview for Canadian Gazette

Yesterday we had an interview with Kelly Kent from the Carleton Place Canadian Gazette news paper. Such a sweet girl! The interview went great, and in typical CPer fashion we realized we all have a connection. Not only do we share friends, and were at the same wedding last summer, but she use to live in the same house that we now live in. Talk about small town, getting smaller!

The story should be in the next paper, October 3rd!

– Amanda

Campaign Poster

Thanks to GoFundMe we have the option to print posters to put up in public places. We have a few made up that we’re planning to hand out this week, with many more to come in the next week or so – Especially at Montreal Comic Con on the weekend.

Want to help us campaign? Simply click the poster image in this post, save it to your computer, print & post it where ever you think will help spread the word about our cause!






We’re so excited that we’ve received our first two donations!!

One has come to us from Brandon’s friend Monica, who is currently living in London herself (lucky girl!). And the second came to us from none other than Selena Price, one of the event organizers!!

We cannot thank them enough for their generosity & help to make this dream come true for us!! Thank you!!



Its time for our regeneration!

We are getting married! Again! We are renewing our vows in a big way.

November 23, 2013 is the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, the worlds longest running science-fiction television show. To celebrate this iconic milestone 50 lucky couples are getting married/vows renewed in London, England. Amanda (my beautiful bride) and I are one of the few lucky couples to get accepted to this once in a life time opportunity.

Amanda and I have been fans of Doctor Who for years, even going as far to help found the “Doctor Who Society of Canada” which is an ever growing non-profit fan group that has booths at major comic and sci-fi conventions across Ontario, Montreal, and Halifax and with members spanning across the country. She and I also have a long standing love with England and the U.K. with our ancestors coming from England, Scotland, and Ireland as recently as 3 generations ago. We have always wanted to travel there and with this chance we can do that while doing something spectacular, and finally having a honeymoon on top of it all.

However things are not exactly covered in gold in our lives, and as such the cost for such an event is somewhat daunting, so we are reaching out to the community of the world and to those who love to see people have their dreams come true, to help us reach our goal. We need to raise 3000 pounds (U.K) for the cost of the event, this does not include however the cost of travel, lodging, and food.

This blog will help us show how we are working towards our dream goal and will help us thank those who help us make it all possible.

-Through time and space we go together
Brandon and Amanda