We’ve booked our hotel! We decided not to stay right in London, and rather, stay in Barnet, North London at a gorgeous little B&B called Glenlyn Hotel!




Though we’ll have to commute to get into London, we’ll get to experience a bit of the countryside.

We were approached by another hotel in the city, City Marque, with a discount to book a room at one of their apartments, but unfortunately even with the discount, the cost was still more than we can afford right now.

As much as we appreciated the offer, I think we’re happier in the long run with the decision we’ve made.  We’ll see if hindsight chances that later 😉

– Amanda



Special Events Group has thrown in 2 nights accommodation with Travelodge for each couple! Now if only we could get them to throw in flights for us out of Country folk 😉

With Brandon & I planning to stay for a week, even two nights free is great! Though something we have to consider is whether or not it’ll be easier for us in the long run to book our flights & hotel through sites like or And whether or not it’ll actually work out cheaper, than booking each separately.

– Amanda