Doctor Who Society of Canada

As most of you know by now, I’m one of the co-founders for the DWSC based out of Toronto, and help run the Ottawa Branch. Today one of my co-founders, Cindy, was super awesome & added a story about us to our website!! Check out the main page!

– Amanda


Selena & Dalek Ace’s Interview on Croydon TV

Recently Selena Price of Special Events Group, Dalek Ace, and many other contributing to the event, appeared on Croydon TV. You can watch the interview here –

– Amanda

Interview With Kate Eggins Update

Sadly on Tuesday, two other reporters called in sick, so Kate was pulled away for other news stories. BUT, We’ll be getting together with her on Monday, October 21st to do our interview! Also if I’m not mistaken, it will be airing that same day during the evening news at 6pm! So stay tuned!

– Amanda

50 couples to get married in mass Doctor Who wedding to celebrate show’s 50th anniversary

Article by Mirror

We were sent another article today about the event, that was written by Mirror. It’s pretty neat to see how much media coverage this is already getting over in England. Not that there was ever any doubt that it would of course!